WAMDM means " Web And Mobile Data Management", Which is Professor Xiaofeng Meng's research lab and is affiliated with the Key Laboratory for Data Engineering and Knowledge Engineering MOE and the Department of Computer Science, School of Information, Renmin University of China.

Since the beginning of the new century, a problem commonly faced by the database field is, after the traditional database technology matures, where should the database research go? Relying on my own judgment on the technological trends at that time, I set my research goals to solve the challenging problems arising from the cross-combination of database technology, Web computing and mobile computing, namely the management of diversely structured Web data, the management of semi-structured XML data, and Data management issues in the mobile environment, and established the "Web and Mobile Data Management Laboratory (Web and Mobile Data Management)", dedicated to research in this area, and achieved some well-known research results at home and abroad. I summarize this stage of research as Innovation Data Management Research 1.0. Since 2011 is the beginning of another decade, we are thinking about the research layout of the laboratory for the next decade. It is not difficult to find that the transformation of database technology (in fact, any information technology is the same) mainly comes from three driving forces, namely: computing model, hardware technology, and continuous innovation of application model. Based on the needs of the three driving forces, we summarize the research for the next decade as Innovative Data Management Research 2.0, which specifically includes the following research directions:

l Research on flash memory database system. It comes from the driving force of hardware technology change, and its research goal is to study a new flash memory database management technology based on the characteristics of flash memory hardware, flexible application modes and the shortcomings of traditional database technology;

l Research on cloud database system. It comes from the driving force of computing model change, and its research goal is to realize a cloud database system with flexible configuration, high availability, high fault tolerance, scalability and high performance;

l Web and social computing research. It comes from the driving force of application model change, and its research goal is to introduce social computing methods into Web data management, build large-scale knowledge graphs, and solve the application and credibility of Web information;

l Privacy protection research. It comes from the driving force of the application mode change, that is, the demand for Mobile Web is becoming increasingly urgent. Its research goals are to solve key issues such as mobile search and privacy protection. The main research contents include federated learning, differential privacy, blockchain and data transparency, fairness, etc. ;

l Research on big data analysis. It comes from the driving force of application mode change, and its research goal is to introduce data analysis technology into real scenarios, such as astronomical big data analysis.

The site contains information on the projects that are currently in progress and the people in the group. You can also find information on the weekly seminar and annual report. In addition, this site hosts the following webpages:

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  • 2021-12-9 北京 孟小峰 Invited Talk CAAI第六届全国大数据与社会计算学术会议[Detail]
  • 2021-5-28 重庆 孟小峰 Invited Talk 大数据数据库系统研究[Detail]
  • 2021-5-26 北京 孟小峰 Invited Talk 第287期双清论坛做“复杂系统管理与数据智能方法”报告[Detail]
  • 2021-4-23 杭州 孟小峰 致辞 第二届中国空间数据智能学术会议[Detail]
  • 2020-12-14 线上 孟小峰 Invited Talk 第二届社会计算国际会议[Detail]
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  • 2021-12-31 首届“中国空间数据智能战略研讨会”在北京顺利召开[Detail]
  • 2021-12-19 WAMDM博士生王雷霞赴香港理工大学进行为期半年的学术交流[Detail]
  • 2021-12-09 实验室参与组织CAAI第六届全国大数据与社会计算学术会议[Detail]
  • 2021-12-09 全国社会计算大赛决赛成功举办[Detail]
  • 2021-12-03 CAAI社会计算与社会智能专委会被评为2021年度优秀专委[Detail]
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    Recent and Selected Publications

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