Lightning Talks

The meeting provides opportunities for selected lightning talks (5 minutes per talk). The lightning talk sessions will also be followed by a poster session. Speakers are welcome (but not required) to prepare a poster, or make themselves available for answering follow up questions.

If you are interested in giving a lightning talk, please send an abstract of less than 500 words to lightningtalks@xldb-asia.org before April 30, 2012.

Lightning talk speakers are required to register for the conference.

Accepted Lightning Talks

Talk Title Speaker
Massive Data Collection for Your BigData with Fluentd (A Ruby Tool) Abhishek Parolkar
(viki.com, Singapore)
SciQL, Bridging the Gap Between Science and Relational DBMS Jennie Zhang
(CWI, Netherlands)
Jacqueline: JSON/JAQL for MonetDB Fabian Groffen
(CWI, Netherlands)
LUMOS: An Extensive Data Cloud Platform for Big Data Analytics Jidong Chen
(EMC, China)
TaijiDB: A Titanic and Just-in-Time DB Long Liu
(Remin University, China)
COLA: A Cloud-based On-Line Aggregation System Yingjie Shi
(Remin University, China)
A Highly Scalable Cloud Database for Massive Multi-User Query Processing Jan-Jan Wu
(Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Streamlining Processing for Big Data (SPBD): a Case Study on Metagenomics Software Tung Nguyen
(Wayne State University, USA)
Lustre, Scalable Storage for Exascale Liang Zhen
(Whamcloud, China)
Discovering Events from Satellite Data Hideyuki Kawashima
(University of Tsukuba, Japan)
...... ......