OrientX: OrientX is a native XML database system, developed under Renmin University of China. The word 'OrientX' is an abbreviation of Original RUC IDKE Native XML. The name is pronouced orient-X. OrientX system stores XML data and preserves its tree structure. It also allows users to retrieve XML data in the form of XPath/XQuery query language. Here is an overview on the architecture of OrientX.

      OrientX adopts client-server architecture. Client provides graphical interfaces for user managing and retrieving data.Server provides an API interface to access database. The communication between them is implemented by socket technique. The overall architecture of OrientX is shown in Figure 1. We introduce in brief some modules here, and some important modules are focused on in the following sections.

      In our storage prototype, the elements are stored as variable length records. Each record has its parent record's or neighbor sibling record's pointer. The records may change their address because of increase or decrease contents during update operations, thus leads to the changes of the pointer.In order to decrease the modification of the pointers we introduce the oid(object id). Each element has a unique id.We use the oid table to store the oid and its corresponding storage address. In the system the record stores its parent and children oid as the pointer rather than their storage address. Therefore if the storage address of one record is changed due to update, we just to update the oid table. [more]



JobTong: JobTong is one of our recently research programs. It is a job search engine which integrate hundreds of job web sites now. In these web sites, 51job, chinahr, zhaopin.com are include. It’s designed based on web 2.0 principles. The kernel of JobTong is search, share and collaboration.

      This program started at the beginning of this term. The goal is to provide web data integration solutions, including products, service and research etc. The jobtong site is a demo site to verify the technology of integration. This will be the first program in our lab to run practically.

      There have been more than 400,000 records in our database by now, and 20,000 records increase every day. It has provided job search for our holistic university students. Students to apply for jobs can use a keyword of the job their want to search, and Jobtong will return the information of jobs associate to this keyword from the job sites we integrate, and these information will be newest because we update our information every day.

      If you want to apply a job, you can click "send resume" and your resume will be automatically send to the company. You needn't login your email-box and send your resume. So everything will be very convenient.

      In the future, there are lots of thing to do. For example, let user register and write online resume. We will export to different format and style of resumes for users. We will analysis job trend base on search log and click log.

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