Distinguished Database Profiles from Sigmod Record
Marianne Winslett [原文下载]
  Databases in Virtual Organizations: A Collective Interview and Call for Researchers.
Jiawei Han(数据挖掘) [原文下载][译文下载]
  Data Mining, Privacy Issues, Managing Students, and More.
Phil Bernstweiein(元数据管理) [原文下载]
  Trends at Industrial Research Labs, What Metadata Management Products Need, Peculiarities of the Tenure System, How to Fix the Problems with Database Research Conferences, and More.
Elisa Bertino(共享数据可信和安全) [原文下载]
  How She Accrued 301 Coauthors, Revitalized a Department, Cut Her Commute to Three Minutes, Enhanced Our Trust in Shared Data, and More.
Stefano Ceri(Web模型,语义Web) [原文下载]
  Many-Book Researchers and One-Startup Researchers, Web Modeling, the Vanishing US-Europe Research Gap, the Semantic Web Services Train, and More.
C. Mohan(事务恢复处理,分布处理) [原文下载][译文下载]
  R*, Message Queues, Computer Science in India, How ARIES Came About, Life as an IBM Fellow, and More.
Pat Selinger(数据库实现,System R,DB2) [原文下载][译文下载]
  Why System R Was So Successful, Interactions with the INGRES and QBE Teams, How to Do Techology Transfer, How to Manage Difficult People, How to Mentor 3,000 People at Once, and More.
Avi Silberschatz(数据挖掘,IP组织) [原文下载]
  Academia versus Industrial Labs, Startup Fever, Database PhD Quality, the Future of Data Mining as a Research Area, IP Issues, How He Wouldn’t Change a Thing, and More.
Michael Stonebraker(数据库实现,Ingress) [原文下载][译文下载]
  Why He Wouldn’t Have Done INGRES Knowing What He Now Knows, the Successes and Failures of Database Theory, the Value of Startups, What to Do About the Excess of Middleware, and More.
Rakesh Agrawal(数据挖掘) [原文下载]
  Where the Data Mining Field Is Going, Where It Came From, How to Choose Problems and Open Up New Fields, Our Responsibilities to Society as Technologists, What Industry Owes Academia, and More.
Peter Chen(数据建模,ER模型) [原文下载][译文下载]
  Paths to Fame, the Roots of the ER Model in Human Language, the ER Model in Software Engineering, the Need for ER Databases, and More.
Jeffrey Naughton(数据库系统,XML数据库) [原文下载][译文下载]
  Database Systems as Control Freaks, How to Choose Students, How to Choose Problems, How to Get Attention, the Importance of Being True to Yourself, and More.
David DeWitt(并行数据库,基准测试) [原文下载][译文下载]
  Rethinking the CS Curriculum, Why the Database Community Should be Proud, Why Query Optimization Doesn’t Work, How Supercomputing Funding Is Sometimes Very Poorly Spent, How He’s Not a Good Coder and Isn’t Smart Enough to do DB Theory, and More.
Jim Gray(事务并发处理) [原文下载][译文下载]
  Chasing the Object-Relational Rainbow, Why Performance Is a Nonissue, Bad Ideas that Went Good, Reinventing the Field, Sailboats, Lunatic Fringe Papers, Whether to Try for a Home Run, and More.
Hector Garcia-Molina(数据集成) [原文下载][译文下载]
  Regarding Startups, How Life is Getting Harder, Delta Papers, CS in Mexico, Life as a Department Chair, and More.
David Maier(数据库理论,对象数据库) [原文下载][译文下载]
  The Impact of Object Databases, Why People Don’t Use Object-Relational Features, What DB Theoreticians Should Be Doing, How to Make a Success of Yourself at a Small Institution, and More.
Serge Abiteboul(数据库理论,Web数据管理) [原文下载][译文下载]
  Building a Research Group in Europe, How He Got Involved in a Startup, Why Systems Papers Shouldn’t Have to Include Measurements, the Value of Object Databases, and More.
Georg Gottlob(复杂理论和数据库理论) [原文下载]
  How Computer Science is a Continuation of Logic by Other Means, How Change Makes You Live Longer, How to Improve the Status of Computer Science, How to Interest Practical People in Complexity Theory and Database Theory, and More.
AnHai Doan(数据集成) [原文下载]
  His ACM Dissertation Award, Schema Matching, Following Your Passion, Least Publishable Units, and More.
Ricardo Baeza-Yates(Web挖掘) [原文下载]
  CS Research in Latin America, His Multi-continent Commute for Yahoo!, How to Get Real Data in Academia, and Web Mining.
Kyu-Young Whang(数据库系统,内存数据库) [原文下载][译文下载]
  Academia and Startups in Korea, Probabilistic Counting, Mainmemory Query Optimization, How to Avoid Being a Hostage of Pressure Publishing, and More.
Boon Thau Loo(Network Datalog) [原文下载]
  His SIGMOD Dissertation Award, Better Networking Through Datalog, Life as an Assistant Professor, and More.
Peter Buneman(数据库与程序设计语言) [原文下载]
  Phylogeny, the Integration of Databases and Programming Languages, Curated Databases, British Plumbing, the Value of Talking to Users, When to Ignore the Literature, and More.
Moshe Vardi(逻辑,Datalog) [原文下载]
  The Proof, the Whole Proof, and Nothing But the Proof.
Jennifer Widom(半结构化数据,不确定数据管理) [原文下载][译文下载]
  Luck, What Constitutes Success, When to Get Out of an Area, the Importance of Choosing the Right Husband, Outlandish Vacations, How Hard It Is to Be an Assistant Professor, and More.
Gerome Miklau(数据安全,加密) [原文下载]
  His SIGMOD Distinguished Dissertation Award, How Great It Is to Be a Professor, and More.
Gerhard Weikum(数据库与信息检索) [原文下载][译文下载]
  Why We Should Go for the Grand Challenges, Why SQL Is Too Powerful, the Myth of Precision, How to Have a Big Research Group in Germany, and More.
Yannis Ioannidis(数据直方图,查询优化) [原文下载]
  Database Research Funding in Europe, the Importance of Being Uncertain, Teaching as Show Business, the History of Histograms, and More.
Bruce Lindsay(性能测试,System R) [原文下载]
  System R, Benchmarking, Life as an IBM Fellow, the Power of DBAs in the Old Days, Why Performance Still Matters, Heisenbugs, Why He Still Writes Code, Singing Pigs, and More.
Raghu Ramakrishnan(演绎数据库,数据挖掘) [原文下载][译文下载]
  Deductive Databases, What Lies Beyond Scalability, How He Burned Through $20M Briskly, Why We Should Reach Out to Policymakers, and More.
Christos Faloutsos(数据挖掘,空间数据,R+树) [原文下载][译文下载]
  Power Laws, Fractals, the Future of Data Mining, Sabbaticals, and More.
Surajit Chaudhuri(数据挖掘,自调优数据库) [原文下载]
  How Data Mining Led Him to Self-tuning Databases, How He Does Tech Transfer, Life as a Research Manager, the Fragmentation of Database Research, and More.
John Wilkes(数据存储管理) [原文下载]
  What the DB Community Needs to Know About Storage, How the DB and Storage Communities Can Join Forces and Change the World, and More.
Gio Wiederhold(数据库应用,中间件) [原文下载][译文下载]
  Moving into Academia in Mid-Career, How to Be an Effective Consultant, Why You Should Be a Program Manager at a Funding Agency, the Need for Ontology Algebra and Simulations, and More.
Jeffrey D. Ullman(数据库理论,计算机教育) [原文下载][译文下载]
  The Future of Higher Education, Startups, Database Theory, and More.

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