WAMDM Report 2018 [Catalog] [Full Report]

Xiaofeng Meng


  • China's Privacy Risk Index released by WAMDM
  • AstroServ: full time astronomical big data management system
  • WAMDM held the 10th Anniversary event of ScholarSpac
  • WAMDM held the Workshop on Frontier in AI&DB
  • LDP paper Accepted by the 40th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P 2019)
  • BigSDM2018/ChinaPrivacy2018/WISA2018/BDSC2018 hosted by Lab
  • Professor Meng Xiaofeng gave invited talks
  • Professor Meng Xiaofeng attended the YOCSEF 20th Anniversary
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  • Integration of machine learning and database technology
  • Xiaofeng Meng. The 3rd Science Big Data System Project Seminar
  • Practice and prospective of China's Privacy
  • Xiaofeng Meng. Big Data Security Summit Forum 2018
  • Advances in machine learning applications in health care
  • Xiaofeng Meng, Zhang Yi. 2018 Extremely Large Databases (XLDB2018)
  • Big Bata and Social Computing
  • Xiaofeng Meng. China National Conference on Big Data & Social Computing (BDSC2018)
  • Advances of China web information systems and applications
  • Li Xiong, Junxu Liu , Xiaofeng Meng.
  • Security and privacy challenges in machine learning
  • Xiaofeng Meng. The 15th Web Information Systems and Applications Conference (WISA2018)
  • Data Transparency and Blockchain
  • Lixin Liu, Xiaofeng Meng.

    ::Selected Papers::[pdf]

  • PrivKV: Key-Value Data Collection with Local Differential Privacy [pdf]
  • Qingqing Ye, Haibo Hu, Xiaofeng Meng
    IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P), IEEE, 2019: 294-308
  • Cloud based Real-Time and Low Latency Scientific Event Analysis [pdf]
  • Chen Yang, Xiaofeng Meng, Zhihui Du
    IEEE International Conference on Big Data (BigData), 2018: 498-507.
  • KGBuilder: A System for Large-Scale Scientific Domain Knowledge Graph Building[pdf]
  • Yi Zhang, Zehui Hao, Jin Li, Xiaofeng Meng, Shuo Wang.
    3rd international workshop on Boom, in conjunction with IJCAI, 2018.
  • ScholarSpace: Academic Search in China[pdf]
  • Xiaofeng Meng, Zehui Hao, Jin Li, Yi Zhang
    ACM Woodstock conference (WOODSTOCK’18). ACM, 2018.

    ::Research Achievements::[pdf]

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