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Xiaofeng Meng


  • Three books on Web and Mobile Data Management published
  • Laboratory's paper is selected "F5000-The top academic paper of China's quality scientific journals"
  • Yantao Gan awarded Google scholarships
  • Prof. Meng chaired CNCC2014 "open data and privacy management" forums
  • Moving Objects Management(2nd Edition) published by Springer
  • JOS Special Issue on Big Data published
  • Prof. Meng gave invited talks on Xiangshan Science Conference
  • ScholarSpace (C-DBLP) system introduced a number of new features
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  • Big Data Privacy Management[pdf]
  • Xiaofeng Meng, Xiaojian Zhang
  • Testing of Big Data Management Systems under Different Hardware Architectures [pdf]
  • Xiaofeng Meng, Fengming Wang, Zhiliang Guo
  • A Survey of Streaming Big Data Query Processing
  • Chunkai Wang, Xiaofeng Meng, Wei Fan , JianFeng Qian, YangJun Ou, Jiantao Wang , Keli Zhang
  • Report on Big Data Management Systems Analysis [pdf]
  • WAMDM Laboratory

    ::Selected Papers::[pdf]

  • Y.Ma, X.Meng: Set similarity join on massive probabilistic data using MapReduce.Distributed and Parallel Databases.Vol 32(3): 447-464, 2014. [pdf]
  • X.Zhang,R.Chen,J.Xu,X.Meng:Towards Accurate Histogram Publication under Differential Privacy.InProceedings of the 14th SAIM International Conference on Data Mining( SDM),pages:587-595,2014,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania,USA. [pdf]
  • Y.Fan, W.Lai, X.Meng: Optimizing Database Operators by Exploiting Internal Parallelism of Solid State Drives. IEEE Data Eng.Bull.Vol 37(2):12-18, 2014. [pdf]
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    ::Published monographs::[pdf]

  • Web Data Management:Concepts and Techniques [pdf]
  • Interviews with 18 Distinguished Members of the Database Community [pdf]
  • Data Integration Principle [pdf]
  • Moving Objects Management - Models, Techniques and Applications´╝ł2nd edition´╝ë [pdf]
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    ::Academic Activities::[pdf]

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