WAMDM Report 2013 [Catalog(87K)] [Full Report(11.3M)]
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Xiaofeng Meng


  • Prof. Meng was elected the Fellow of China Computer Federation
  • Yantao Gan won the Wu Yuzhang scholarships
  • Lab's papers won the best papers and best student papers
  • WAMDM hosted  conferences
  • Two special issues on social computing(CRAD) and cloud data management(JCST) published
  • "Big Data management” was the most influenced paper on CNKI
  • Prof. Meng gave CCF@U talks on "cloud computing and big data"
  • Prof. Meng gave invited talks at Lenovo, Huawei etc.
  • A variety of laboratory activities 
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  • Social Computing in the Era of Big Data:Opportunities and Challenges [pdf]
  • Xiaofeng Meng, Yong Li, JIanhua Zhu
  • Location Privacy Preservation in Big Data Era: A Survay [pdf]
  • Lu Wang, Xiaofeng Meng
  • Research on reliability of Web information [pdf]
  • Ruxia Ma, Xiaofeng Meng
  • Big Data Management Based on the New Storage [pdf]
  • Jiangtao Wang, Xiaofeng Meng
  • Research on Real-time Processing Technologies of Large-scale Data Stream
  • Xiaofeng Meng, Chunkai Wang, Chunqiu Liu, Hehan Li

    ::Selected Papers::

  • Scan and Join Optimization by Exploiting Internal Parallelism of Flash-Based Solid State Drives. [pdf]
  • W.Lai, Y.Fan, X.Meng.
    In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Web-Age Information Management (WAIM 2013)
  • Transaction Recovery Model of Databases Based on PCM and Flash Memory. [pdf]
  • Y.Fan, X.Meng.
  • An Accurate Method for Mining Top-k Frequent Pattern under Differential Privacy. [pdf]
  • X.Zhang, M.Wang, X.Meng.

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