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Xiaofeng Meng


  • The 27th National Database Conference of China (NDBC2010) held in Renmin University.
  • WAMDM developed the homepage generating system (EasyScholar) for domestic scholars.
  • Several papers in high-level journals and conferences published.
  • Research achievements of WAMDM demostrated in Computer Congress of China .
  • Prof. Xiaofeng Meng's book on Moving Objects Management: Models, Techniques and Applications was published.
  • WAMDM hosted The Second International Workshop on Cloud Data Management (CloudDB 2010).
  • Tour of the World Expo.
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  • Progress and Vision on Cloud Data Management Research [pdf]
  • Jing Zhao, Xiangmei Hu
  • Research report on Flash Database Techniques [pdf]
  • Flash Group
  • The Key Techniques Research in Mobile Web Search [pdf]
  • Jinzeng Zhang
  • Research on Web Information Trust [pdf]
  • Xiaofeng Meng, Jing Ai, Ruxia Ma
  • Privacy Protection in Location-based Services [pdf]
  • Xiaofeng Meng, Xiao Pan

    ::System Evaluation Reports::

  • Survey on Data Management Systems in the Cloud [pdf]
  • Yingjie Shi, Zhongyuan Wang, Haiping Wang, Bingbing Liu
  • Evaluation on I/O features of SSDs [pdf]
  • Da Zhou

    ::Selected Papers::

    Pervasive Data Management
  • Out-of-Order Durable Event Processing in Integrated Wireless Networks [pdf]
  • C. Zhou, X. Meng
    Accepted for publication in Journal of Pervasive and Mobile Computing (PMCJ)
  • Privacy Preserving Towards Continuous Query in Location-Based Services [pdf]
  • X. Pan, X. Hao, X. Meng
    Journal of Computer Research and Development, Vol.47(1): 121-129, 2010.1
  • The Researches and Challenges of Complex Event Detection in Pervasive Comptuing [pdf]
  • C. Zhou, X. Meng
    Journal of Frontiers of Computer Science and Technology, Vol. 4, No.12: 1057-1072, Dec. 2010

    Cloud Data Management
  • Benchmarking Cloud-based Data Management Systems [pdf]
  • Y. Shi, X. Meng, J. Zhao, X. Hu, B. Liu, H. Wang
    In Proceedings of the CIKM2010 Workshop on Cloud Data Management (CloudDB2010): 47-54, Oct. 30, 2010, Toronto, Canada
  • ESQP: An Efficient SQL Query Processing for Cloud Data Management [pdf]
  • J. Zhao, X. Hu, X. Meng
    In proceedings of the CIKM2010 Workshop on Cloud Data Management (CloudDB2010): 1-8, October 30, 2010, Toronto, Canada
  • Report on the First International Workshop on Cloud Data Management (CloudDB 2009) [pdf]
  • X. Meng, J. Lu, J. Qiu, Y. Chen, H. Wang
    SIGMOD Record, Vol.39(1):58-60, March 2010

    Flash-based Database System
  • ACR: an Adaptive Cost-Aware Buffer Replacement Algorithm for Flash Storage Devices [pdf]
  • X. Tang, X. Meng
    In Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM 2010): 33-42,May 23-26, 2010, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
  • FClock: An Adaptive Buffer Replacement Algorithm for SSD [pdf]
  • X. Tang, X. Meng
    Chinese Journal of Computers, Vol.33, No.8: 1460-1471, Aug. 2010.(NDBC2010, Beijing)
  • HV-recovery: A High Efficient Recovery Technique for Flashed-based Database [pdf]
  • Z. Lu, X. Meng
    Chinese Journal of Computers(NDBC2010, Beijing)(the Sa Shi Xuan Best Paper Award)

    Web Data Management
  • ViDE: A Vision-Based Approach for Deep Web Data Extraction [pdf]
  • W. Liu, X. Meng, W. Meng
    IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering(TKDE). Vol.22(3): 447-460 (2010)
  • A Holistic Solution for Duplicate Entity Identification in Deep Web Data Integration [pdf]
  • Z.Bao, T.W. Ling, B.Chen, J.Lu
    IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE2009):517-528, March 29- April 3, 2009, Shanghai, China
  • Towards Task-Organised Desktop Collections [pdf]
  • Y. Li, D. Elsweiler, X. Meng
    In Proceedings of the ACM SIGIR Workshop on Desktop Search: Understanding, Supporting, and Evaluating Personal Data Search (DS2010): 21-24 , July 23, 2010, Geneva, Switzerland


  • Exploring desktop resources based on user activity analysis [pdf]
  • Y. Li, X. Zhang, X. Meng
    In Proceedings of the 33rd Annual International ACM Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR2010): 700 , July 19-23, 2010, Geneva, Switzerland
  • TaijiDB: A Dual-Core Cloud-based Database System [pdf]
  • X. Hu, J. Zhao, X. Meng, Z. Wang, Y. Shi, B. Liu, H. Wang
    Journal of Computer Research and Development, Vol.47(Suppl):433-437, Oct.2010(NDBC2010, Beijing)(the Best Demo Show Award)
  • OrientPrivacy: An Anonymizer for Privacy Preserving in Mobile Services [pdf]
  • Y. Huang, X. Pan, X. Meng
    Journal of Computer Research and Development, Vol.47(Suppl): 438-441,Oct.2010(NDBC2010, Beijing)

    ::Research Achievements::[pdf]

  • Academic Book [pdf]
  • Proceedings and Patents [pdf]
  • Paper List [pdf]
  • Patents [pdf]
  • Projects [pdf]
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    ::Academic Activities in 2010::[pdf]

  • Professional Activities [pdf]
  • Academic Activities [pdf]
  • Academic Reports [pdf]
  • Conferences and Seminars [pdf]
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    ::Research Systems demostrated in Computer Congress of China ::[pdf]

  • ScholarSpace: Academic Search in China [pdf]
  • TaijiDB: Cloud-based Database System [pdf]
  • OrientX: Native XML Data Base System [pdf]
  • OrientPrivacy: Privacy Preservation System [pdf]
  • OrientSpace: Personal Database System [pdf]
  • FlashDB: Flash-based Database System [pdf]
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    ::Tour of The World Expo::[pdf]


  • Seminars in 2010 of WAMDM Lab [pdf]

  • Website of WAMDM Lab [pdf]

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