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2016 [Photos]
Xiang Ci PhD, July, 2016 Chinese Insurance Information Technology Co.
Yong Li PhD, July, 2016 Northwest Normal University
Lu Wang PhD, July, 2016 Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China
Fengming Wang Master, July, 2016 China Securities Depository and Clearing Company Limited
Kejun Zhao Master, July, 2016 State Administration of Foreign Exchange
Hehan Li Master, July, 2016 Baidu
Yanjun Fu Master, July, 2016 EasyStack
2015 [Photos]
Ruxiao Ma PhD, December, 2015 Capital Normal University
Jiangtao Wang PhD, July, 2015 Huaiyin Normal University
Zhiliang Guo Master, July, 2015 China Mobile Group Design Institute Co., Ltd.
Yantao Gan Master, July, 2015 Southwest China Research Institute of Electronic Equipment
Yu Zhang Master, July, 2015 China Southern Power Grid Company Limited
2014 [Photos]
Youzhong Ma PhD, July, 2014 Luoyang Normal University
Xiaojian Zhang PhD, July, 2014 Henan University of Economics and Law
Miao Wang Master, July, 2014 China Construction Bank
Chunqiu Liu Master, July, 2014 Chinese Insurance Information Technology Co.
Jiangtao Huo Master, July, 2014 Bank of China
Xu Han Master, July, 2014 Microsoft Research Asia
Wenyu Lai Master, July, 2014 Taobao
2013 [Photos]
Zheng Huo PhD, July, 2013 Hebei University of Economics and Business
Yingjie Shi PhD, July, 2013 Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Science
Jinzeng Zhang PhD, July, 2013 Electronic Science and Technology Information Research Institute, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Yulei Fan PhD, December, 2013 Zhejiang University of Technology
Lizhen Fu PhD, December, 2013 North University of China
Yun Deng Master, July, 2013 Baidu
Jie Wen Master, July, 2013 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
Wei Tong Master, July, 2013 Agricultural Bank of China
Qingling Cao Master, July, 2013 Beijing Rural Commercial Bank Company Limited
Yu Gao Master, July, 2013 Teradata Company Limited
2012 [Photos]
Wei Chen Master, July, 2012 Sogou
Dongqi Liu Master, July, 2012 Sogou
Zhichao Liang Master, July, 2012 The Research Institution of China Mobile
Bingbing Liu Master, July, 2012 Agricultural Bank of China
Haiping Wang Master, July, 2012 Institute of Information Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Long Liu Master, July, 2012 Deloitte
Yi Huang Master, July, 2012 Tencent
Sen Yang Master, July, 2012 Tencent
Xiaoying Qi Master, July, 2012 Baidu
2011 [Photos]
Chunjie Zhou PhD, July, 2011 Ludong University
Xian Tang PhD, July, 2011 Yanshan University
Zeping Lu Master, July, 2011 Sohu
Wei Wang Master, July, 2011 Civil Servant
Jing Zhao Master, July, 2011 Sunshine Insurance Group Corporation Limited
Xiangmei Hu Master, July, 2011 Tencent
Qingsong Guo Master, July, 2011 University of Southern Denmark
2010 [Photos]
YuKun Li PhD, July, 2010 Tianjin University of Technology
Xiao Pan PhD, July, 2010 Shijiazhuang Tiedao University
Da Zhou PhD, July, 2010 The Research Institution of China Mobile
Junjing Xu Master, July, 2010 Baidu
Zhongyuan Wang Master, July, 2010 Microsoft Research Asia(MSRA)
Jing Ai Master, July, 2010 The National Investment Project Evaluation Center of NDRC
Xing Hao Master, July, 2010 Baidu
Xiangyu Zhang Master, July, 2010 Sogou
2009 [Photos]
Junfeng Zhou PhD, July, 2009 Yanshan University
Fangjiao Jiang PhD, July, 2009 Xuzhou Normal University
Linlin Jia Master, July, 2009 Agricultural Bank of China
Jing Huang Master, July, 2009 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
Jinqing Zhu Master, July, 2009 Baidu
Wei Wang Master, July, 2009 Baidu
Li Xiang Master, July, 2009 Sinochem
Liu Wei PhD, July, 2008 Institute of Computer Science & Technology of Peking University
Yanyan Ling Master, July, 2008 Ernst&Young
Min Xie Master, July, 2008 University of British Columbia, PhD Candidate
Xin Zhang Master, July, 2008 Agricultural Bank of China
Zhen Xiao Master, July, 2008 Microsoft
Jidong Chen PhD, July, 2007 EMC Research China Lab
Can Lin Master, July, 2007 Webscalers, LLC., USA
Xian Li Master, July, 2007 State Univ. of New York, PhD Candidate
Xiaofeng Wang Master, July, 2007 IBM
Shaoyi Yin Master, July, 2007 University de Toulouse 3 - Paul Sabatier, INRIA, PhD Candidate
Caifeng Lai Master, July, 2007 IBM
Yu Jiang Master, July, 2006 Microsoft MSN
Jianbo Ou Master, July, 2006 China Government Securities Depository Trust & Clearing Co., Ltd. (CGSDTC)
Yu Li Master, July, 2006 Hong Kong Baptist University, PhD Candidate
Yan Chen Master, July, 2006 China Merchants Bank (Head Office)
Benzhao Li Master, July, 2006 National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBS)
Dongdong Hu Master, July, 2005 Oracle
Shichao Lu Master, July, 2005 NCR
Jing An Master, July, 2005 China Life Insurance Company Limited
Lei Yi Master, July, 2005 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC)
Juntao Yu Master, July, 2005 NCR
Yu Wang PhD, July, 2004 NCR
Daofeng Luo Master, July, 2004 Tencent
Jing Wang PhD, July, 2003 NCR
Mingzhe Gu Master, July, 2003 State Administration of Foreign Exchange
Rui Ding Master, July, 2003 China Life Insurance Company Limited
Haiyan Wang Master, July, 2003 China Life Insurance Company Limited
Yu Bai Master, July, 2003 BaseSoft Company Limited
Zhiming Ding PhD, July, 2002 Co-Supervisor with Prof Wang Shang (Postdoc in Praktische Informatik IV Fernuniversit Hagen)
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