OrientX (Native XML Database Management System)
XML Group, WAMDM, Renmin University of China
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OrientX is an open source system.Currenly, we provide user three methods to utilize OrientX system:
  • Development package.In this way,all sources in OrientX are compiled into static libraries and composed into a development package.Based on the package,users can develop their own applications;but they can not modify any implement techniques in OrientX.
  • Standalone application.In this way,users can manage and retrieve their XML data through a set of command in concole application.
  • Client/Server application.In this way,OrientX provides a friendly GUI client.All manipulations from differnt clients is submitted to the OrientX Server,which will run continuously like a DBMS server in the background.
Running requirement
OrientX is developed with C/C++ under windows and Visual C++ 6.0, with the client Java & Eclipse3.2.

Requirement for running OrientX Server:

  • OS:win98,win2k,win xp
  • Memory:64MB or above

Requirement for running Client-end OrientXCommander3.5:

  • JDK: 1.5 above
  • GEF + EMF


By downloading, you accept the license conditions.


Version Packages Date Size
OrientX Version 3.5 OrientX3.5 C/S Server 2009-6-6 1866KB
OrientX3.5 C/S Client 2009-6-6 6564KB
some XML data & query usecases in OrientX3.5 2009-6-6 23KB
OrientX Version 3.0 OrientX3.0 C/S Server 2007-9-8 1866KB
OrientX3.0 C/S Client 2007-9-8 6564KB
some XML data & query usecases in OrientX3.0 2007-9-8 23KB
OrientX Version 2.5 OrientX2.5 command line demo 2005-4-30 666KB
OrientX2.5 C/S demo 2005-4-30 1143KB
OrientX2.5 lib 2005-4-30 2983KB
some XML data & query usecases in OrientX 2005-4-30 66KB
OrientX Version 2.0 Orientx2.0bin.zip 2004-09-11 3761KB
OrientX_2_0_API.zip 2004-09-11 8526KB
CPlusPlusDoc.zip 2004-09-11 1640KB
OrientX Secure 0.8 OrientSecure.rar 2004-07-30 214KB
OrientX Version 1.5 OrientXv1.5api.zip 2004-07-10 7542KB
OrientXv1.5bin.zip 2004-07-10 1316KB
OrientXv1.5C++Docs.zip 2004-07-10 1671KB
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