OrientDP (Differential Privacy Protection Principle and Application System)
Privacy Group, WAMDM, Renmin University of China
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OrientDP is a system which can verify the effectiveness of differential privacy protection.It protects the potential users' privacy information in the published data by adding interference noise to data, so that the attacker can not figure out this information even if the attacker has grasped all of the information other than a certain entry.

According to the theory of differential privacy mathematics, Laplace noise is added to the US census data age statistics. By controlling of the total privacy budget, frequency and the budget consumption of each calculation which is called Eplison, we can drow a graph reflect the privacy protection effect.

The OrientDP Team

Xiaofeng Meng (xfmeng AT ruc.edu.cn)
Xiaojian Zhang (xjzhang82 AT ruc.edu.cn)

Qingqing Ye (yeqq AT ruc.edu.cn)


Kaidi Qin (qinkaidi AT ruc.edu.cn)
Shengna Guo (shengnaguo AT 126.com)
Minjie Zhu (zhuminjie AT ruc.edu.cn)

  • This project was partially supported by the grants from the Natural Science Foundation of China (No.91646203 "Research on Privacy Protection in Open and Governance of Big Data")
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