ICDE 2008 Accepted Papers List



Muse: Mapping Understanding and deSign by Example
Renee Miller (University of Toronto), Laura Chiticariu (UC Santa Cruz),
Bogdan Alexe (UC Santa Cruz), Wang-Chiew Tan (UC Santa Cruz)

Transformation-based Framework for Record Matching
Surajit Chaudhuri (Microsoft Research, USA ), Raghav Kaushik (Microsoft
Research), Arvind Arasu ()

Usage-based schema matching
Hazem Elmeleegy (Purdue University), Mourad Ouzzani (Purdue University),
Ahmed Elmagarmid (Purdue University)

Clip: a Visual Language for Explicit Schema Mappings
Mauricio Hernandez (IBM), Alessandro Raffio (Politecnico di Milano),
Daniele Braga (Politecnico Di Milano), Stefano Ceri (Politecnico Di
Milano), Paolo Papotti (Universit?di Roma Tre)

Querying data under access limitations
Andrea Cal?(University of Oxford), Davide Martinenghi (Free University of

CARE: Finding Local Linear Correlations in High Dimensional Data

Wei Wang ("University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA"), Xiang Zhang
(UCH-CH), Feng Pan (),

Mining Approximate Order Preserving Clusters in the Presence of Noise
Mengsheng Zhang (UNC-chapel Hill), Wei Wang ("University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill, USA"), Jinze Liu ()

Trajectory Outlier Detection: A Partition-and-Detect Framework

Jiawei Han (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Jae-Gil Lee
(UIUC), Xiaolei Li (UIUC)

Training Linear Discriminant Analysis in Linear Time
Deng Cai (UIUC)

Direct Discriminative Pattern Mining for Effective Classification
Jiawei Han (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Philip Yu (IBM T.
J. Watson Research Center), Hong Cheng (University of Illinois ), Xifeng
Yan (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)

Verifying and Mining Association Rules from Large Windows over Data Streams
Carlo Zaniolo (University of California at Los Angeles), Barzan Mozafari
(UCLA), Hetal Thakkar (UCLA student)

On Signatures for Communication Graphs
Flip Korn (AT&T Labs), Yihua Wu (Rutgers University), Muthu Muthukrishnan
(Rutgers), Graham Cormode (AT&T LAbs--Research)

Robust Stratified Sampling Plans for Low Selectivity Queries
Shantanu Joshi (University of Florida), Christopher Jermaine (University of

Parallel Evaluation of Composite Aggregate Queries
Raghu Ramakrishnan (Yahoo! Research, USA ), Lei Chen (Univ. Wisconsin -
Madison), Christopher Olston (Yahoo! Research)

P-Cube: Answering Preference Queries in Multi-Dimensional Space
Jiawei Han (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Dong Xin (UIUC)

Mining (Social) Network Graphs to Detect Random Link Attacks
Rajeev Rastogi (Bell Labs Research India), Nisheeth Shrivastava (Bell Labs
Research, India), Anirban Majumder ()

Auditing SQL Queries
Rajeev Motwani (), Shubha Nabar (Stanford University), Dilys Thomas ()

Optimal Boolean Matrix Decomposition: Application to Role Engineering

Jaideep Vaidya (Rutgers University), Vijay Atluri (Rutgers University),
Haibing Lu (Rutgers University)

SpaceTwist: Managing the Trade-Offs Among Location Privacy, Query
Performance, and Query Accuracy in Mobile Services
Christian Jensen (University of Aalborg), Man Lung Yiu (Aalborg
University), Hua Lu (Aalborg University, Denmark) Xuegang Huang (Aalborg

On Unifying Privacy and Uncertain Data Models
Charu Aggarwal ("IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA"),

Never Walk Alone: Uncertainty for Anonymity in Moving Objects Databases

Francesco Bonchi (KDD Lab - ISTI, C.N.R.), Osman Abul (), Mirco Nanni ()

A Hybrid Approach to Private Record Linkage
Elisa Bertino ("Purdue University, USA "), Ali Inan (University of Texas at
Dallas), Murat Kantarcioglu (University of Texas at Dallas), Monica
Scannapieco (Universita di Roma "La Sapienza")

Privacy: Theory meets Practice on the Map
Johannes Gehrke (Cornell University), Daniel Kifer (Cornell University),
Ashwin Machanavajjhala (Cornell University), John Abowd (Cornell
University), Lars Vilhuber (Cornell University)

Preserving Privacy in Social Networks against Neighborhood Attacks
Jian Pei ("Simon Fraser University, Canada"), Bin Zhou (Simon Fraser

Efficient Construction of Compact Shedding Filters for Data Stream
Bugra Gedik (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Philip Yu (IBM T. J.
Watson Research Center), Kun-Lung Wu (IBM Research, TJ Watson)

A Framework for Clustering Uncertain Data Streams
Philip Yu (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center), Charu Aggarwal ("IBM T. J.
Watson Research Center, USA")

A Security Punctuation Framework for Enforcing Access Control on Streaming
Elke Rundensteiner (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Elisa Bertino
("Purdue University, USA "), Rimma Nehme (Purdue University)

Randomized Synopses for Query Assurance on Data Streams
George Kollios (Boston University), Ke Yi (AT&T Labs), Feifei Li (Boston
University), Marios Hadjieleftheriou (AT&T Labs Inc.), Divesh Srivastava
(AT&T Labs Inc.)

Increasing Expressivity of Conditional Functional Dependencies without Extra
Charge of Complexity
Wenfei Fan (University of Edinburgh), Floris Geerts (University of
Edinburgh), Shuai Ma (University of Edinburgh), Loreto Bravo (University
of Edinburgh)

Lattice Histograms: a Resilient Synopsis Structure
Nikos Mamoulis (University of Hong Kong), Panagiotis Karras (Hong Kong

Efficient Constraint Monitoring Using Adaptive Thresholds
Rajeev Rastogi (Bell Labs Research India), Srinivas Kashyap (University of
Maryland), Jai Ramamirtham (), Pushpraj Shukla (University of Texas at

Efficient Merging and Filtering Algorithms for Approximate String Searches

Chen Li (University of California at Irvine), Jiaheng Lu (CalIT2, UC
Irvine), Yiming Lu (UC Irvine)

Dominant Graph: An Efficient Indexing Structure to Answer Top-K Queries
Lei Chen (HKUST), Lei Zou (Huazhong Univ. of Sci. & Tech.),

Efficient Online Computation of Diverse Query Results
Sihem Amer-Yahia (Yahoo! Research), Jayavel Shanmugasundaram (Yahoo!
Research), Erik Vee (Yahoo! Research), Utkarsh Srivastava (Yahoo!
Research), Prashant Bhat (Yahoo! Research)

The Cost of Serializability on Platforms That Use Snapshot
Sydney), Alan Fekete (University of Sydney), Uwe Roehm (University of

Scalable Rule-Based Gene Expression Data Classification
Jignesh Patel (University of Michigan), Mark Iwen (University of Michigan),
Willis Lang (University of Michigan)

TALE: A Tool for Approximate Large Graph Matching
Jignesh Patel (University of Michigan), Yuanyuan Tian (University of

Querying and Managing Provenance through User Views in Scientific Workflows

Sarah Cohen-Boulakia (University of Pennsylvania), Biton Olivier
(University of Pennsylvania), Susan Davidson (University of Pennsylvania),
Carmem Hara (U. Federal do Parana)

Sideways Information Passing for Push-Style Query Processing
Zachary Ives (University of Pennsylvania), Nicholas Taylor (University of

Flow Algorithms for Parallel Query Optimization
Amol Deshpande (University of Maryland at Coll), Lisa Hellerstein
(Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY)

Parallel Distributed Processing of Constrained Skyline Queries by Filtering

Bin Cui ("Peking University, China"), Yongluan Zhou (EPFL), Hua Lu
(Aalborg University, Denmark), Quanqing Xu (Peking University), Lijiang
Chen (Peking University), Yafei Dai (Peking University)

XML processing in DHT networks
Neoklis Polyzotis (University of California Santa Cruz), Ioana Manolescu
(INRIA Futurs), Nicoleta Preda (INRIA Futurs), Serge Abiteboul (INRIA
Futurs & Paris XI), Chong Sun ()

Network-Aware Join Processing in Global-Scale Database Federations
Andreas Terzis (John Hopkins University), Xiaodan Wang (Johns Hopkins
University), Amol Deshpande (University of Maryland at Coll), Randal Burns
(Johns Hopkins University)

Robust runtime optimization of data transfer in queries over Web Services

Anastasios Gounaris (University of Cyprus), Christos Yfoulis (), Rizos
Sakellariou (), Marios Dikaiakos ()

Building Community Wikipedias: A Machine-Human Partnership Approach

Anhai Doan ("University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA"), Philip Bohannon
("Yahoo! Research, USA"), Xiaoyong Chai (Univ. of wisconsin at Madison),
Warren Shen (University of Wisconsin at Madison), Pedro DeRose (), Byron
Gao (), Xiaojin Zhu ()

Self-Join Size Estimation in P2P Data Systems
Peter Triantafillou (University of Patras), Theoni Pitoura (RACTI and Univ
of Patras)

Simultaneous Equation Systems for Query Processing on Continuous-Time Data
Yanif Ahmad (Brown University), Olga Papaemmanouil (Brown University),
Ugur Cetintemel (Brown University), Jennie Rogers (Brown University)

Fast and Highly-Available Stream Processing over Wide Area Networks
Ugur Cetintemel (Brown University), Stan Zdonik (Brown University),
Jeong-Hyon Hwang (Brown University)

Optimizing SQL Queries over Text Databases
Luis Gravano (Columbia University), Anhai Doan ("University of
Wisconsin-Madison, USA"), Alpa Jain (Columbia University)

Efficient Online Subsequence Searching in Data Streams under Dynamic Time
Warping Distance
Mi ZHOU (Jinan University), Wong Man Hon (CSE, CUHK)

Fast and Simple Relational Processing of Uncertain Data
Christoph Koch (Saarland University), Dan Olteanu (Universitaet des
Saarlandes), Lyublena Antova (Cornell University), Thomas Jansen (Saarland

Constant Time Query Processing
Vijayshankar Raman (IBM Almaden Research Center), Garret Swart (IBM Almaden
Research Center), Lin Qiao (IBM Almaden Research Center), Frederick Reiss
(IBM Almaden Research Center), Vijay Dialani (IBM Almaden Research Center),
Donald Kossmann (ETH Zurich), Inderpal Narang (IBM Almaden Research
Center), Richard Sidle (IBM Almaden Research Center)

Set Similarity Selection Queries at Interactive Speeds
Nick Koudas (University of Toronto), Marios Hadjieleftheriou (AT&T Labs
Inc.), Divesh Srivastava (AT&T Labs Inc.), Amit Chandel (University of

Runtime Semantic Query Optimization for Event Stream Processing
Elke Rundensteiner (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Luping Ding (WPI),
Songting Chen (NEC Laboratories America), Junichi Tatemura (NEC
Laboratories America), Wang-Pin Hsiung (NEC Laboratories America), K.
Selcuk Candan (NEC Laboratories America)

COLR-Tree: Communication Efficient Spatio-Temporal Index for a Sensor Data
Web Portal
Suman Nath (Microsoft Research), Yanif Ahmad (Brown University)

Region Sampling: Continuous Adaptive Sampling on Sensor Networks
Song Lin (UC, Riverside), Benjamin Arai (), Dimitrios Gunopulos (),
Gautam Das ()

Skyline Query Processing for Incomplete Data
Mohamed Mokbel (Univ. of Minnesota, TC), Justin Levandoski (University of
Minnesota), Mohamed Khalefa (University of Minnesota)

Keyword Search on Spatial Databases
Vagelis Hristidis (Florida International University), Ian De Felipe (),
Naphtali Rishe ()

A Fast Similarity Join Algorithm using Graphics Processing Units
Hanan Samet (University of Maryland, College Park), Michael Lieberman
(UMD), Jagan Sankaranarayanan (University of Maryland)

Top-k Spatial Joins of Probabilistic Objects
Ambuj Singh (UCSB), Vebjorn Ljosa (Broad Institute, MIT)

Efficient Rewriting Algorithms for Preference Queries
Periklis Georgiadis (Dept. of Computer Science, University of Crete,
Greece), Ioannis Kapantaidakis (Dept. of Computer Science, University of
Crete, Greece), Vassilis Christophides (Institute of Computer Science,
FORTH, Greece), Elhadji Mamadou Nguer (L.R.I., Universit?Paris Sud,
France), Nicolas Spyratos (L.R.I., Universit?Paris Sud, France)

Toward Expressive and Scalable Sponsored Search Auctions
David Martin (Cornell University), Joseph Halpern (Cornell University),
Johannes Gehrke (Cornell University)

An Algebraic Approach to Rule-Based Information Extraction
Frederick Reiss (IBM Almaden Research Center), Shivakumar Vaithyanathan
(IBM), Sriram Raghavan (IBM), Rajasekar Krishnamurthy (), Huaiyu Zhu ()

A Motion-Aware Approach to Continuous Retrieval of 3D Objects
Rui Zhang (University of Melbourne), Egemen Tanin (University of
Melbourne), Mohammed Ali (University of Melbourne), Lars Kulik (University
of Melbourne)

Continuous Content-Based Copy Detection over Streaming Videos
Beng Chin Ooi ("National University of Singapore, Singapore, "), Ying Yan
(Fudan University), Aoying Zhou (Fudan University)

Continuous Intersection Joins Over Moving Objects
Elisa Bertino ("Purdue University, USA "), Rui Zhang (University of
Melbourne), Dan Lin (Purdue University), Kotagiri Ramamohanarao
(University of Melbourne, Australia)

Probabilistic Verifiers: Evaluating Constrained Nearest-Neighbor Queries
over Uncertain Data
Mohamed Mokbel (Univ. of Minnesota, TC), Reynold Cheng (Hong Kong
Polytechnic Universi), Jinchuan Chen (Hong Kong Polytechnic University),
Chi-Yin Chow (cchow@cs.umn.edu)

Spatial Outsourcing for Location-based Services
Dimitris Papadias (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), George
Kollios (Boston University), Yin Yang (HKUST), Stavros Papadopoulos

Efficient Information Extraction over Evolving Text
Jun Yang (Duke University), Raghu Ramakrishnan (Yahoo! Research, USA ),
Anhai Doan ("University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA"), Fei Chen (University
of Wisconsin-Madiso)

NAGA: Searching and Ranking Knowledge
Gerhard Weikum (Max-PIanck Institute for Informatics), Gjergji Kasneci (Max
Planck Institute ), Fabian Suchanek (Max Planck Institute), Georgiana
Ifrim (Max Planck Institute), Maya Ramanath (Max Planck Institute)

Approximate Joins for Data Centric XML
Michael Boehlen (Free University of Bolzano-Bozen), Johann Gamper (Free
University of Bozen-Bolzano), Nikolaus Augsten (Free University of Bozen),
Curtis Dyreson (Washington State University)

The space complexity of processing XML twig queries
Mirit Shalem (Technion, Israel), Ziv Bar-Yossef (Technion, Israel)

XML Index Recommendation with Tight Optimizer Coupling
Ashraf Aboulnaga (University of Waterloo), Calisto Zuzarte (IBM Toronto
Lab, Canada ), Andrey Balmin ("IBM Almaden, USA"), Iman Elghandour
(University of Waterloo), Daniel Zilio (IBM Toronto Lab), Kevin Beyer
(IBM Almaden Research Center), Fei Chiang (University of Toronto)

XML Prefiltering as a String Matching Problem
Christoph Koch (Saarland University), Michael Schmidt (Freiburg
University), Stefanie Scherzinger (Saarland University)

Efficient Processing of XML Update Streams
Leonidas Fegaras (U. Of Texas at Arlington)


Validating Multi-column Schema Matchings by Type
Nick Koudas (University of Toronto), Divesh Srivastava (AT&T Labs Inc.),
Anthony Tung (NUS), Bing Tian Dai (National Univ of Singapore), Suresh
Venkatasubramanian (University of Utah)

LOCUST: An Online Analytical Processing Framework for High Dimensional
Classification of Data Streams
Philip Yu (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center), Charu Aggarwal ("IBM T. J.
Watson Research Center, USA")

k-Anonymization Revisited
Tamir Tassa (The Open University of Israel), Arnon Mazza (), Aristides
Gionis ()

RiTE: Providing On-Demand Data for Right-Time Data Warehousing
Wolfgang Lehner (Dresden University of Technology), Christian Thomsen
(Aalborg University), Torben Bach Pedersen (Aalborg University)

Summarizing Graph Patterns
Liu Yong (HIT)

Compact Similarity Joins
Christos Faloutsos (Carnegie Mellon University), Brent Bryan (Carnegie
Mellon University), Frederick Eberhardt (Carnegie Mellon University)

Standing Out in a Crowd: Selecting Attributes for Maximum Visibility
Muhammed Miah (University of Texas Arlington), Vagelis Hristidis (Florida
International University), Gautam Das (), Heikki Mannila (University of

Injector: Mining Background Knowledge for Data Anonymization
Tiancheng Li (Purdue University), Ninghui Li ()

Efficient Data Authentication in an Environment of Untrusted Third-Party
YounSun Cho (Purdue University), Mikhail Atallah (Purdue University),
Ashish Kundu (Purdue University)

OptRR: Optimizing Randomized Response Schemes for Privacy-Preserving Data
Zhengli Huang (Syracuse University), Wenliang Du (Syracuse University)

On the Anonymization of Sparse High-Dimensional Data
Yufei Tao (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Gabriel Ghinita (National
Univ. Of Singapore), Panos Kalnis (NUS)

On Anti-Corruption Privacy Preserving Publication
Donghui Zhang (Northeastern University), Yufei Tao (Chinese University of
Hong Kong), Xiaokui Xiao (CUHK), Jiexing Li (CUHK)

Butterfly: Protecting Output Privacy in Stream Mining
Ling Liu (Georgia Tech), Ting Wang (Georgia Tech)

Similar Document Detection with Limited Information Disclosure
Chris Clifton ("Purdue University, USA"), Wei Jiang (Purdue University),
Mummoorthy Murugesan (Purdue University), Luo Si (Purdue University)

Just-In-Time Processing of Continuous Queries
Dimitris Papadias (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Yin
Yang (HKUST)

Online Filtering, Smoothing and Probabilistic Modeling of Streaming data

Amol Deshpande (University of Maryland at Coll), Bhargav Kanagal
(University of Maryland)

Stop Chasing Trends: Discovering High Order Models in Evolving Data
Philip Yu (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center), Haixun Wang (IBM T J Watson),
Shixi Chen (Fudan University), Shuigeng Zhou (Fudan University)

Handling Non-linear Polynomials over Dynamic Data
Shetal Shah (IIT Bombay), Krithi Ramamritham ()

XStream: A Signal-Oriented Data Stream Management System
Samuel Madden (MIT), Lewis Girod (MIT/CSAIL), Yuan Mei (MIT/CSAIL), Ryan
Newton (MIT/CSAIL), Stanislav Rost (MIT/CSAIL), Arvind Thiagarajan
(MIT/CSAIL), Hari Balakrishnan (MIT/CSAIL)

Database support for pdf attributes
Sunil Prabhakar (Purdue University), Christopher Mayfield (Purdue
University), Reynold Cheng (Hong Kong Polytechnic Universi), Sarvjeet
Singh (Purdue University), Rahul Shah (Purdue University), Jennifer
Neville (Purdue University), Susanne Hambrusch (Purdue University)

Greedy List Intersection
Vijayshankar Raman (IBM Almaden Research Center), Robert Krauthgamer
(Weizmann Institute), Aranyak Mehta (IBM Almaden Research Center), Atri
Rudra (University of Washington)

Fast Graph Pattern Matching
Philip Yu (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center), Jeffrey Xu Yu (CUHK), Haixun
Wang (IBM T J Watson), Jiefeng Cheng (CUHK), Bolin Ding (CUHK)

Dynamic Materialization of Query Views for Data Warehouse Workloads

Wen-Syan Li (IBM), Thomas Phan (IBM Research)

Diagnosing Estimation Errors in Page Counts using Execution Feedback
Surajit Chaudhuri (Microsoft Research, USA ), Vivek Narasayya (Microsoft
Research), Ravishankar Ramamurthy (Microsoft Research)

Exploiting Lineage for Confidence Computation in Uncertain and Probabilistic
Anish Das Sarma (Stanford University), Martin Theobald (Stanford
University), Jennifer Widom (Stanford University)

Handling Uncertain Data in Array Database Systems
Tingjian Ge (Brown University), Stan Zdonik (Brown University)

Accelerating Lookups in P2P Systems Using Peer Caching
Anand Srinivasan (Bell Labs Research), Supratim Deb (Bell Labs Research
India), Rajeev Rastogi (Bell Labs Research India), Prakash Linga (Cornell

Web 2.0 Style Schema Matching
Anhai Doan ("University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA"), Robert McCann
(Microsoft), Warren Shen (University of Wisconsin at Madison)

An Efficient algorithm for Answering Graph Reachability Queries

Yangjun Chen (University of winnipeg)

Approximate Clustering on Distributed Data Streams
Wei Wang ("University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA"), Jinze Liu
(Department of Biostatistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill),
Qi Zhang (UNC Chapel Hill)

A Sampling-Based Approach to Information Recovery
Jun Yang (Duke University), Philip Yu (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center),
Haixun Wang (IBM T J Watson), Junyi Xie (), Yuguo Chen ()

On Monitoring the top-k Unsafe Places
Donghui Zhang (Northeastern University), Yang Du (Northeastern University),
Ling Hu (Northeastern University)

Common Influence Join: A Natural Join Operation for Spatial Pointsets
Nikos Mamoulis (University of Hong Kong), Man Lung Yiu (Aalborg
University), Panagiotis Karras (Hong Kong University)

A Hybrid Prediction Model for Moving Objects
Hoyoung Jeung (University of queensland), Qing Liu (), Heng Tao Shen (),
Xiaofang Zhou ()

A Generic Framework for Continuous Motion Pattern Query Evaluation

Vassilis Tsotras (University of California at Riverside), Petko Bakalov

SHAROES: A Data Sharing Platform for Outsourced Enterprise Storage
Ling Liu (Georgia Tech), Aameek Singh ()

Explaining and Reformulating Authority Flow Queries
Ramakrishna Varadarajan (Florida International Universi), Vagelis Hristidis
(Florida International University), Louiqa Raschid (University of

Nearest Neighbor Retrieval Using Distance-Based Hashing
George Kollios (Boston University), Vassilis Athitsos (Boston University),
Michalis Potamias (Boston University), Panagiotis Papapetrou (Boston

Efficient similarity search using the Earth Mover's Distance for large
multimedia databases
Ira Assent (RWTH Aachen University), Thomas Seidl (RWTH Aachen University),
Marc Wichterich (RWTH Aachen University), Tobias Meisen (RWTH Aachen

Querying Complex Spatial-Temporal Sequences
Beng Chin Ooi ("National University of Singapore, Singapore, "), Anthony
Tung (NUS), Yueguo Chen (NUS), Shouxu Jiang (Harbin Institute of
Technology, China)

Similarity Search in Arbitrary Subspaces Under Lp-Norm
Lei Chen (HKUST), Xiang Lian (HKUST)

MobiQual: QoS-aware Load Shedding in Mobile CQ Systems
Bugra Gedik (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), Philip Yu (IBM T. J.
Watson Research Center), Kun-Lung Wu (IBM Research, TJ Watson), Ling Liu
(Georgia Tech)

Automatic Extraction of Useful Facet Terms from Text Documents
Panagiotis Ipeirotis (New York University), Wisam Dakka (Columbia

Multiple Materialized View Selection for XPath Query Rewriting

Byron Choi (Nanyang Technological University), Nan Tang (CUHK), Jeffrey Xu
Yu (CUHK), M. Tamer Ozsu (University of Waterloo), Kam-Fai Wong (CUHK)


Merging Hierarchies Using Object Placement
Robert Ikeda (Stanford University), Kai Zhao (NEC Labs China), Hector
Garcia-Molina (Stanford University),

Metadata Management Engine for Data Integration with Reverse-Engineering
Phil Bernstein ("Microsoft Research, USA"), Michael Gubanov (University of
washington), Alexander Moshchuk (University Of Washington)

Extracting Loosely Structured Data Records Through Mining Strict Patterns

Qing Li ("City University of H-K, China"), Jing Chen (City University of
Hong kong), Yipu Wu (City university of Hong Kong)

Detection of Shape Anomalies: A Probabilistic Approach Using Hidden Markov
Lei Chen (HKUST), Jeffrey Xu Yu (CUHK), Zheng Liu (Chinese Univ. of Hong
Kong), Di Wu ()

Monitoring Network Evolution using MDL
Jure Ferlez (Jozef Stefan Institute), Christos Faloutsos (Carnegie Mellon
University), Jure Leskovec (Carnegie Mellon University), Dunja Mladenic
(Jozef Stefan Institute), Marko Grobelnik (Jozef Stefan Institute)

Database Exploration Using Join Paths
Cecilia Procopiuc (AT&T Labs), Divesh Srivastava (AT&T Labs Inc.),

What-if OLAP Queries with Changing Dimensions
Laks Lakshmanan, V.S. (UBC), Alex Russakovsky (Hyperion Solutions ),
Vaishnavi Sashikanth (Hyperion Solutions )

A General Framework for Fast Co-clustering on Large Datasets Using Matrix
Wei Wang ("University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA"), Xiang Zhang
(UCH-CH), Feng Pan ()

MUSE: Multi-Represented Similarity Estimation
Peter Kunath (Ludwig-Maximilians University), Hans-Peter Kriegel
(Ludwig-Maximilians University), Alexey Pryakhin (Ludwig-Maximilians
University), Matthias Schubert (Ludwig-Maximilians University)

FLAME: Shedding Light on Hidden Frequent Patterns in Sequence Datasets

Jignesh Patel (University of Michigan), Sandeep Tata (University of

Mining Search-Phrase Definition from Item Descriptions
Hung Nguyen (Arizona State University), Hasan Davulcu (Arizona State

Rights Protection of Multidimensional Time-Series Datasets with Neighborhood
Philip Yu (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center), Claudio Lucchese (University
of Venice), Deepak Rajan (IBM), Michail Vlachos (IBM Research)

Privacy Preserving Joins
Yaping Li (UC Berkeley), Minghua Chen (UC Berkeley)

Link Privacy in Social Networks
Rajeev Motwani (), Aleksandra Korolova (Stanford University), Shubha Nabar
(), Ying Xu ()

An Approach to Protect Against Query Flood Attack
Elisa Bertino ("Purdue University, USA "), Anna Squicciarini (Purdue
University), Ivan Paloscia ()

Secure Delta-Publishing of XML Content
Elisa Bertino ("Purdue University, USA "), Mohamed Nabeel (Purdue

On the Optimal Selection of k in the k-Anonymity Problem
Rinku Dewri (Colorado State University), Indrajit Ray (Colorado State
University), Indrakshi Ray (Colorado State University), Darrell Whitley
(Colorado State University)

Anonymizing Streaming Data for Privacy Protection
Kian-Lee Tan (National University of Singapore), Beng Chin Ooi ("National
University of Singapore, Singapore, "), Jianzhong Li (Harbin Institute of
Technology), Weiping Wang (ICT, CAS)

Private Updates to Anonymous Databases
Elisa Bertino ("Purdue University, USA "), Wei Jiang (Purdue University),
Alberto Trombetta (), Lorenzo Bossi ()

InstantDB: Enforcing Timely Degradation of Sensitive Data
Nicolas Anciaux (INRIA ), Peter Apers (University of Twente), Philippe
Pucheral ( INRIA Rocquencourt & PRISM Laboratory,University of Versailles,
France), Luc Bouganim (INRIA), Harold Van Heerde (University of Twente)

CASTLE: A delta-constrained scheme for k-anonymizing data streams
Kian-Lee Tan (National University of Singapore), Barbara Carminati
(University of Insubria), Elena Ferrari (University of Insubria), Cao
Jianneng (National University of Singapore)

Time-Decaying Aggregates in Out-of-order Streams
Flip Korn (AT&T Labs), Graham Cormode (AT&T LAbs--Research), Srikanta
Tirthapura (Iowa State University)

Effecient Aggregate Computation over Data Streams
Kanthi Nagaraj (Alcatel-Lucent), Rajeev Rastogi (Bell Labs Research India),
K.V.M Naidu (Alcatel-Lucent), Scott Satkin (Alcatel-Lucent)

Frequency Estimation over Sliding Windows
Linfeng Zhang (Iowa State University), Yong Guan (Iowa State University)

Online Failure Forecast for Fault-Tolerant Data Stream Processing

Philip Yu (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center), Xiaohui Gu (IBM T. J. Watson
Research), Spiros Papadimitriou (), Shu-Ping Chang (IBM t. J. Watson

On Supporting Kleene Closure over Event Streams
Yanlei Diao (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Jagrati Agrawal (U. of
massachusetts,Amherst), Daniel Gyllstrom (Umass,Amherst), Neil Immerman

MultiObjective OLAP: Efficient Skyline Computation over Ad-Hoc Aggregations

Ping Wu (UCSB), Shyam Antony (), Divy Agrawal (), Amr El Abbadi ()

On Skylining with Flexible Dominance Relation
Donghui Zhang (Northeastern University), Yufei Tao (Chinese University of
Hong Kong), Tian Xia (Northeastern University)

Designing Random Sample Synopses with Outliers
Wolfgang Lehner (Dresden University of Technology), Philipp R鰏ch (TU
Dresden), Rainer Gemulla (TU Dresden)

Efficiently Answering Probabilistic Threshold Top-k Queries on Uncertain
Jian Pei ("Simon Fraser University, Canada"), Xuemin Lin (unsw), Ming Hua
(Simon Fraser University), Wenjie Zhang (The University of New South Wales)

Efficient Processing of Top-k Queries in Uncertain Databases
George Kollios (Boston University), Ke Yi (AT&T Labs), Feifei Li (Boston
University), Divesh Srivastava (AT&T Labs Inc.)

Adjoined Dimension Column Index (ADC Index) to Improve Star Schema Query
Patrick O'Neil (UMass/Boston), Xuedong Chen (UMass/Boston), Elizabeth
O'Neil (University of Massachusetts Boston)

Adaptive segmentation for scientific databases
Martin Kersten (CWI - Amsterdam), Milena Ivanova (CWI), Niels Nes (CWI)

QShuffler: Getting the Query Mix Right
Ashraf Aboulnaga (University of Waterloo), Shivnath Babu (Duke University),
Kamesh Munagala (Duke University), Mumtaz Ahmad (University of Waterloo)

Adaptive Bitmap Indexes for Space-Constrained Systems
Marianne Winslett (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign), Rishi Sinha
(University of Illinois, Urbana), John Wu (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab),
Kurt Stockinger (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), Arie Shoshani (Lawrence
Berkeley National Lab)

Skyline-based Peer-to-Peer Top-k Query Processing
Akrivi Vlachou (Athens University of Economics), CHRISTOS DOULKERIDIS
Vazirgiannis (Athens Univ.of Economics and Business)

Adaptive Approximate Similarity Searching through Metric Social Networks

Jan Sedmidubsky (Masaryk university), Stanislav Barton (Masaryk
University), Vlastislav Dohnal (Masaryk University), Pavel Zezula (Masaryk

Fixed-Precision Approximate Continuous Aggregate Queries in Peer-to-Peer
Cyrus Shahabi (University of Southern California), Farnoush Banaei-Kashani

Faster Join Enumeration for Complex Queries
Guido Moerkotte (U. of Mannheim), Thomas Neumann (Max-Planck-Institut

PermJoin: An Efficient Algorithm for Producing Early Results in Multi-join
Query Plans
Mohamed Mokbel (Univ. of Minnesota, TC), Justin Levandoski (University of
Minnesota), Mohamed Khalefa (University of Minnesota)

Processing Event-Monitoring Queries in Sensor Networks
Yannis Kotidis (AUEB), Vassilis Stoumpos (University of Athens), Antonios
Deligiannakis (University of Athens), Alex Delis (University of Athens)

Comprehensive Optimization of Declarative Sensor Network Queries
Alvaro Fernandes (University of Manchester), Ixent Galpin (Univeristy of
Manchester), Christian Brenninkmeijer (University of Manchester), Farhana
Jabeen (University of Manchester), Norman Paton (University of Manchester)

Optimizing Complex Event Processing over RFID Data Streams
Qun Chen (Northwestern Polytechnical Un), Zhanhuai Li (Northwestern
Polytechnical University), Hailong Liu ()

Efficient Data Interpretation and Compression over RFID Streams
Yanlei Diao (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Richard Cocci
(University of Massachusetts), Prashant Shenoy (), Thanh Tran ()

Outlier-Aware Data Aggregation in Sensor Networks
Vasilis Vassalos (Athens U. of Econ. & Business), Yannis Kotidis (AUEB),
Vassilis Stoumpos (University of Athens), Antonios Deligiannakis
(University of Athens), Alex Delis (University of Athens)

Efficient Query Processing in Large Traffic Networks
Peter Kunath (Ludwig-Maximilians University), Hans-Peter Kriegel
(Ludwig-Maximilians University), Peer Kr鰃er (Ludwig-Maximilians
University), Matthias Renz (Ludwig-Maximilians University), Tim Schmidt
(Technical University of Munich)

Optimal-Nearest-Neighbor Queries
Qing Li ("City University of H-K, China"), Yunjun Gao (Zhejiang
University), Chun Chen (Zhejiang University), Jing Zhang (Zhejiang
University), Gencai Chen (Zhejiang University), Shen Liu (Zhejiang

Convoy Queries in Spatio-Temporal Databases
Hoyoung Jeung (University of queensland), Heng Tao Shen (), Xiaofang Zhou

On High Dimensional Indexing of Uncertain Data
Philip Yu (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center), Charu Aggarwal ("IBM T. J.
Watson Research Center, USA")

Similarity Search over Uncertain Time-Series Databases
Lei Chen (HKUST), Xiang Lian (HKUST), Jeffrey Xu Yu (CUHK),

Satisfying Complex Data Needs using Pull-Based Online Monitoring of Volatile
Data Sources
Haggai Roitman (Technion-IIT), Louiqa Raschid (University of Maryland),
Avigdor Gal (Technion)

Processing Diagnosis Queries: A Principled and Scalable Approach
Shivnath Babu (Duke University), Songyun Duan (Duke University), Kamesh
Munagala (Duke University), Hai Yu (Duke University)

Capturing Approximated Data Delivery Trade-offs
Haggai Roitman (Technion-IIT), Louiqa Raschid (University of Maryland),
Avigdor Gal (Technion)

Skippy: Enabling Long-Lived Snapshots of the Long-Lived Past
Liuba Shrira (Brandeis), Ross Shaull (Brandeis), Hao Hxu (Brandeis)

Efficient Similarity Join over Multiple Stream Time Series
Lei Chen (HKUST), Xiang Lian (HKUST)

Adjourn State Concurrency Control Avoiding Time-Out Problems in Atomic
Commit Protocols
Sebastian Obermeier (University of Paderborn), Stefan B鰐tcher (University
of Paderborn), Martin Hett (University of Paderborn), Panos Chrysanthis
(University of Pittsburgh), George Samaras (University of Cyprus)

PEEX: Extracting Probabilistic Events from RFID Data
Magda Balazinska (University of Washington), Nodira Khoussainova
(University of Washington), Dan Suciu (University of Washington)

Mobile Filter: Exploring Migration of Filters for Error-Bounded Data
Collection in Sensor Networks
Dan Wang (Simon Fraser University), Xu Jianliang (HKBU), Jiangchuan Liu
(Simon Fraser University), Feng Wang (Simon Fraser University)

Automatic Correction of Broken Web Links: Ideas, Experiments, and Lessons
Atsuyuki Morishima (University of Tsukuba), Akiyoshi Nakamizo (Shibaura
Institute of Technology), Toshinari Iida (University of Tsukuba), Shigeo
Sugimoto (University of Tsukuba), Hiroyuki Kitagawa (University of Tsukuba)

Index Selection and Management for Graph Conductance Queries
Soumen Chakrabarti (IIT Bombay), Manish Gupta (IIT Bombay), Amit Pathak
(IIT Bombay)

Quality-Aware Retrieval of Data Objects from Autonomous Sources for
Web-Based Repositories
Chen Li (University of California at Irvine), Houtan Shirani-mehr (Uci),
Gang Liang (UCI), Michal Shmueli-Scheuer ()

Efficient Discovery of Authoritative Resources
Ravi Kumar (Yahoo! Research), Andrew Tomkins (Yahoo! Research), Kevin Lang
(Yahoo! Research), Cameron Marlow (cameronm@yahoo-inc,com)

LabelEx: A Scalable Approach for Extracting Form Labels
Juliana Freire (Uinversity of Utah), Hoa Nguyen (University of Utah), Eun
Yong Kang (University of Utah)

Exploiting and Maintaining Materialized Views for XML Keyword Search

Ziyang Liu (Arizona State University), Yi Chen (Arizona State University)

An Inflationary Fixed Point in XQuery
Torsten Grust (Technische Universitt Mnchen), Loredana Afanasiev
(University of Amsterdam), Maarten Marx (University of Amsterdam), Jan
Rittinger (Technische Universit鋞 M黱chen), Jens Teubner (Technische
Universit鋞 M黱chen)

Grouping and Optimization of XPath Expressions in System-RX
Andrey Balmin ("IBM Almaden, USA"), Fatma Ozcan (IBM Almaden Research
Center), Ashutosh Singh (IBM), Edison Ting (IBM Silicon Valley Lab)

Hierarchical Indexing Approaches to Support XPath Queries
Nan Tang (CUHK), Jeffrey Xu Yu (CUHK), M. Tamer Ozsu (University of
Waterloo), Kam-Fai Wong (CUHK)

A Query Processing Architecture for an XML Data Warehouse
Nuwee Wiwatwattana (University of Michigan), H.V. Jagadish (University of

A Clustered Index Approach to Distributed XPath Processing
Evaggelia Pitoura (U. of Ioannina), Georgia Koloniari (University of

AxPRE Summaries: Exploring the (Semi-)Structure of XML Web Collections

Mariano Consens (University of Toronto), Flavio Rizzolo (University of
Toronto), Alejandro Vaisman (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

Correlation-based Attribute Outlier Detection in XML
Mong Li Lee (National Univ. of Singapore), Judice Koh (National Univ. of
Singapore), Wynne Hsu (National Univ. of Singapore), Wee Tiong Ang
(Institute for Infocomm Research)

Ontology-Aware Search on XML-based Electronic Medical Records
Anand Ranganathan (IBM TJ Watson Research Center), Fernando Farfan (Florida
International University), Redmond Burke (Miami Children's Hospital),
Vagelis Hristidis (Florida International University)


Accurate and Efficient Inter-Transaction Dependency Tracking
Tzi-cker Chiueh (Symantec Research Labs)

Native Web Browser Enabled SVG-based Collaborative Multimedia Annotation for
Medical Images
Fusheng Wang (Siemens Corporate Research), Cornelius Rabsch (Siemens
Corporate Research), Peiya Liu (Siemens Corporate Research)

Maintaining Connectivity in Dynamic Multimodal Network Models
Vassilis Tsotras (University of California at Riverside), Petko Bakalov

Filtered Indices and Their Use in Flexible Schema Scenarios
C閟ar Galindo-Legaria (Microsoft), Pawel Terlecki (Microsoft Corp.), Babu
Krishnaswamy (), Srinia Acharya (), Stefano Stefani (), Milind Joshi ()

Implementing an Inference Engine for RDFS/OWL Constructs and User-Defined
Rules in Oracle
Souripriya Das (Oracle), Eugene Chong (Oracle), Zhe Wu (Oracle), Melliyal
Annamalai (Oracle), Jagannathan Srinivasan (Oracle), George Eadon
(Oracle), Vladimir Kolovski ()

An Enhanced Extract-Transform-Load System for Migrating Data in Telecom
Girish Chafle (IBM India Research Laboratory), Himanshu Agrawal (IBM India
Research Laboratory), Sunil Goyal (IBM India Research Laboratory), Sumit
Mittal (IBM India Research Laboratory), Sougata Mukherjea ()

Integration of Server, Storage and Database Stack: Moving Processing Towards
Vijayshankar Raman (IBM Almaden Research Center), Lin Qiao (IBM Almaden
Research Center), Inderpal Narang (IBM Almaden Research Center), Prashant
Pandey (IBM Almaden Research Lab), Ying-Lin Chen (IBM Silicon Valley Lab),
Kou-Horng Yang (IBM Silicon Valley Lab), Fen-Ling Lin (IBM Silicon Valley
Lab), Gene Fuh (IBM Silicon Valley Lab), David Chambliss ()

Towards Declarative Queries on Adaptive Data Structures
Nicolas Bruno (Microsoft), Pablo Castro (Microsoft Corporation)

Optimizing Star Join Queries for Data Warehousing in Microsoft SQL Server

C閟ar Galindo-Legaria (Microsoft), Torsten Grabs (Microsoft Corp.), Peter
Zabback (Microsoft Copr.), Sreenivas Gukal (), Steve Herbert (),
Aleksandras Surna (), Shirley Wang (), Wei Yu (), Shin Zhang ()

XQSE: XQuery Scripting Extension in the AquaLogic Data Services Platform

Daniel Engovatov (BEA Systems), Vinayak Borkar (BEA Systems), Michael
Carey (BEA Systems), Dmitry Lychagin (BEA Systems), Till Westmann (BEA
Systems), Warren Wong (BEA Systems)


A Scalable Scheme for Bulk Loading Large RDF Graphs into Oracle Database

Souripriya Das (Oracle), Eugene Chong (Oracle), Zhe Wu (Oracle), Melliyal
Annamalai (Oracle), Jagannathan Srinivasan (Oracle)

An Overview of SQL Support in Workflow Products
Marko Vrhovnik (University of Stuttgart), Holger Schwarz (University of
Stuttgart), Bernhard Mitschang (University of Stuttgart), Sylvia
Radeschuetz (University of Stuttgart)

Orchid: Integrating Schema Mapping and ETL
Mauricio Hernandez (IBM), Stefan Dessloch (University of Kaiserslautern),
Ryan Wisnesky (Harvard University), Ahmed Radwan (University of Miami),
Jindan Zhou (University of Miami)


Query-Aware Partitioning for Monitoring Massive Network Data Streams

Ted Johnson (AT&T Labs), Oliver Spatscheck (AT&T Labs - Research),
Vladislav Shkapenyuk (AT&T Labs - Research), Muthu Muthukrishnan (Rutgers)

Optimizing Hierarchical Access in OLAP Environment
Lipyeow Lim (IBM T J Watson), Bishwaranjan Bhattacharjee (IBM T J Watson)

Automatic Result Verification for the Functional Testing of a Query Language

Carsten Binnig (University Heidelberg), Donald Kossmann (ETH Zurich), Eric
Lo (ETH Zurich), Angel Saenz-Badillos (Microsoft Corporation)

Improving Information Access for a Community of Practice Using Business
Process as Context
Yu Deng (IBM Research), Murthy Devarakonda (IBM Research), Nithya Rajamani
(IBM Research), Wlodek Zadrozny (IBM Research)


DescribeX: Interacting with AxPRE Summary Descriptions
Shahan Khatchadourian (University of Toronto), S. Ali (University of
Toronto), Mariano Consens (University of Toronto), Flavio Rizzolo
(University of Toronto)

COSTA: Adaptive Indexing for Terms in a Large-scale Distributed System

Quang Hieu Vu (NUS), Aoying Zhou (Fudan University), Weining Qian (East
China Normal University), Rong Zhang (Fudan University)

IMPrECISE: Good-is-good-enough data integration
Maurice van Keulen (University of Twente), Ander De Keijzer (University of

SPARK: A Keyword Search Engine on Relational Databases
Xuemin Lin (unsw), Wei Wang (University of New South Wales, Sydney,
Australia), Yi Luo (UNSW, Australia)

Environmental Tomography: Ubiquitous Sensing with Mobile Devices
Amr El Abbadi (), Stacy Patterson (UC Santa Barbara), Bassam Bamieh (UC
Santa Barbara)

OptimAX: efficient support for data-intensive mash-ups
Ioana Manolescu (INRIA Futurs), Serge Abiteboul (INRIA Futurs & Paris XI),
Spyros Zoupanos (Inria Futers)

Graphitti: An Annotation Management System for Heterogeneous Objects

Sandeep Gupta (SDSC), Amarnath Gupta (sdsc), Chris Condit ()

Mining Views: Database Views for Data Mining
Elisa Fromont (KULeuven), Bart Goethals (University of Antwerp), Hendrik
Blockeel (KULeuven), Toon Calders (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven),
Adriana Prado (Universiteit Antwerpen),

Distributed Monitoring of Peer-to-Peer Systems
Serge Abiteboul (INRIA Futurs & Paris XI), Bogdan Marinoiu (INRIA), Pierre
Bourhis ()

SMART: A System for Online Monitoring Large Volumes of Network Traffic

Ying Yan (Fudan University), Aoying Zhou (Fudan University), Xueqing Gong
(Fudan University), Jianlong Chang (Shanghai Telecom), Dai Dai (Shanghai

Toward Simulation-Based Optimization in Data Stream Management Systems
Christoph Heinz (University of Marburg), J黵gen Kr鋗er (University of
Marburg), Bernhard Seeger (University of Marburg), Tobias Riemenschneider
(University of Marburg)

Astoria: A Programming Model for Data on the Web (demo)
Pablo Castro (Microsoft Corporation)

Wayfinder: A Multi-Dimensional Search Enabled File System
Christopher Peery (Rutgers University), Wei Wang (), Amelie Marian (), Thu
Nguyen ()

MED: A Multimedia Event Database for 3D Crime Scene Representation and
Jarek Gryz (York University), Marcin Kwietniewski (), Michael Jenkin (),
Sunbir Gill (), Anna Topol (), Ho-Kong Ng (), Piotr Jasiobedzki (),
Stephanie Wilson ()

DIPBench Toolsuite: A Framework for Benchmarking Integration Systems

Wolfgang Lehner (Dresden University of Technology), Matthias B鰄m (Dresden
Univ. of Tech.), Dirk Habich (Dresden University of Technology), Uwe Wloka
(University of Applied Sciences Dresden)

Managing Biological Data using bdbms
Walid Aref (Purdue University), Mourad Ouzzani (Purdue University), Ahmed
Elmagarmid (Purdue University), Mohamed Eltabakh (Purdue University),
David Salt (Purdue University), Ivan Baxter (Purdue University), Yasin
Laura-Silva (Purdue University)

DGEM: Mining Gene Expression Database for Primary Human Disease Tissues
Yuni Xia (IUPUI), Andrew Campen ()

PictureBook: A Text-and-Image Summary System for Web Search Result

Xiangdong Zhou (Fudan University), Mei Wang (Fudan University)

PGMOF: A Framework for the Optimization of Data Processing in Business
Marko Vrhovnik (University of Stuttgart), Holger Schwarz (University of
Stuttgart), Oliver Suhre (), Stephan Ewen ()

Enhanced Business Intelligence Using EROCS
Manish Bhide (IBM Research), Venkatesan Chakaravarthy (IBM India Research
Lab), Ajay Gupta (IBM Research), Himanshu Gupta (IBM Research), Mukesh
Mohania (IBM Research), Kriti Puniyani (IBM Research), Prasan Roy (),
Sourashis Roy (IBM Research), Vibhuti Sengar ()

T-Time: Threshold-Based Data Mining on Time Series
Peter Kunath (Ludwig-Maximilians University), Johannes A遞alg
(Ludwig-Maximilians University), Hans-Peter Kriegel (Ludwig-Maximilians
University), Peer Kr鰃er (Ludwig-Maximilians University), Alexey Pryakhin
(Ludwig-Maximilians University), Matthias Renz (Ludwig-Maximilians

RAD: A Scalable Framework for Annotator Development
Sanjeet Khaitan (IBM India Research Lab), Ganesh Ramakrishnan (IBM India
Research Lab), Sachindra Joshi (IBM India Research Lab)

SPOT: a system for detecting projected outliers from high-dimensional data
Ji Zhang (Dalhousie University), Qigang Gao (Dalhousie Univerisity), Hai
Wang (Saint Mary's Univeristy)

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