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Wednesday, 13 December 2008

The significant advances in wireless communications, the ever increasing availability of mobile multi-purpose devices, and the fast growth in sensors and actuators have created a global computing infrastructure that is profoundly changing the way people live and work. People interact with themselves, the physical world, and information services using a wide range of devices connected together via a variety of networks, enabling computing and communication at an unprecedented scale and density.

This new infrastructure presents a number of challenges especially when it comes to data-intensive applications: enormous scale, varying and intermittent connectivity, location dependence and context awareness, limited bandwidth and power capacity, small device size, and multimedia delivery across hybrid networks.

Conventional issues in data management have to be considered and evaluated anew in this rapidly changing environment. Non-traditional issues including mobility, data semantics, context modeling, broadcast and multicast delivery, data availability, trust and privacy must also be addressed effectively.

The latest of a successful series, MDM 2008 provides a high-quality forum for the presentation of research results on data management issues in the evolving world of mobile, wireless, and pervasive computing.