The theme of the CloudDB’2013 is to address the challenges of large data management in a cloud computing environment. This workshop welcomes papers that address fundamental research issues in this challenging area, with an emphasis on personal and social applications of cloud-based data management. We also encourage papers to report on system level research related to cloud computing and data-intensive computing. A number of invited papers will also be solicited.

Topics of interest include, but not limited to:
  • Cloud computing infrastructure for big data storage and computing
  • Cloud privacy and security
  • Cloud data management of sensor stream data
  • Mobile cloud data management
  • Cloud-based system designs including architecture, scalability, economy, consistence-availability-partition (CAP), and security
  • Services discovery and content distribution in cloud computing infrastructures
  • Cross-platform interoperability
  • Query processing and indexing in cloud computing systems
  • Access control in cloud computing systems
  • Service-level agreements, business models, and pricing policies
  • Novel data-intensive computing applications
  • Language for massively parallel query execution
  • Data intensive scalable computing
  • Content distribution systems for big data
  • Data management within and across data centers
  • Large-scale analytical methodology and algorithm