Keynote 1:  Building Big Data Processing Systems under New Computing Model. 
Invited Speaker: Xiaodong Zhang, the Ohio State University  

10:00AM- 10:30AM

Coffee Break


Session 1: Quality of Services

Leonardo Moreira, Victor Aguiar Evangelista de Farias, Flávio R. C. Sousa, Gustavo A. C. Santos, José Maia and Javam Machado: Towards Improvements on the Quality of Service for Multi-Tenant RDBMS in the Cloud 

Ilir Fetai, Filip-Martin Brinkmann and Heiko Schuldt: PolarDBMS: Towards a Cost-Effective and Policy-Based Data Management in the Cloud

Dimokritos Stamatakis and Olga Papaemmanouil: SLA-driven Workload Management for Cloud Databases


Session 2: System Architecture 

Vasvi Kakkad, Akon Dey, Alan Fekete and Bernhard Scholz: Curracurrong Cloud: Stream Processing in the Cloud

Felix Gessert, Florian Bücklers and Norbert Ritter: Orestes: a Scalable Database-as-a-Service Architecture for Low Latency






Keynote 2: Multi-faceted Classification of Big Data Uses and Proposed Architecture Integrating High Performance Computing and the Apache Stack 

Invited Speaker: Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University



Coffee Break



Session 3: Query Processing

Christian Tinnefeld, Donald Kossmann, Joos-Hendrik Böse and Hasso Plattner: Parallel Join Executions in RAMCloud 

Hang Zhang, Hongzhi Wang, Jianzhong Li and Hong Gao: Neighbor-base Similarity Matching for Graphs

Emeric Viel and Haruyasu Ueda: Data Stream Partitioning Re-Optimization Based on Runtime Dependency Mining


Session 4: Benchmarking 

Akon Dey, Alan Fekete, Raghunath Nambiar and Uwe Röhm: YCSB+T: Benchmarking Web-scale Transactional Databases 

Tanu Malik, Kyle Chard and Ian Foster. Benchmarking Cloud-based Tagging Services