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TaijiDB 2.0 : A Titanic and Just-in-Time DataBase


      Recently, many fields like Telecom and Internet of Things are in a period of rapid development, which leads directly to the explosive growth of data. As a result, the challenge of huge amount of data and the performance are two difficulties to overcome. Therefore, we put forward TaijiDB 2.0, a TitAnIc and Just-In-time DataBase. The word “Titanic” indicates the tremendous data that TaijiDB drives, and the phrase “just-in-time” implies that TaijiDB focuses on meeting the requirements for response time in practical scenarios such as Telecom and Internet of Things.


      In terms of structure, the architecture of TaijiDB 2.0 contains three tiers: data storage tier, intermediate conversion tier and application tier. Data storage tier offers flexible and effective ways to store data with the use of dual-core storage structure. Intermediate conversion tier provides crucial functions such as SQL analysis, index maintainance, query optimization, storage management and so on, and assistant functions like cluster monitoring and automatic testing. And application tier provides SQL and many other interfaces to users to ease the use of TaijiDB.


TaijiDB Architecture
      In terms of functionality, the architecture of TaijiDB 2.0 consists of the following five modules :


      1. Storage Manager [More...]

      2. Unified Executing Engine [More...]

      3. Front-end Interface [More...]

      4. Query Processing [More...]

      5. Operation Management Service [More...]


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