TaijiDB (Cloud-based Database System)
Cloud Group, WAMDM, Renmin University of China
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  • Add new assistant functions of cluster monitoring and automatic testing (2012/05/20)
  • Support building multi-level index on non-rowkey columns in HBase (2012/03/30)
  • Provide optimization measures for multi-field query processing (2011/08/15)
  • TaijiDB can support file storage with Cassandra (2010/05/11)
  • System monitor added to CloudDB (2010/04/20)
  • First release of source code! (2010/03/31)
  • Overall system architecture design of cloud storage is finished! (2010/02/28)
  • Investigation of cloud storage infrastructure is finished! (2010/01/31)
  • Cloud computing and WAMDM (Chinese) (2008/12/26)

    Technology advances in communications, computation, and storage result in huge collections of data, capturing information of value to business, science, government, and society. Data volumes are currently growing faster than Moore’s law. Looking forward, the exponential growth is not likely to stop. The huge size of data is imposing big challenges on infrastructure for data storage which can achieve economical scaling to even more than Petabyte, massively parallel query execution, and facilities for analytical processing. Meanwhile, the rise of large data centers and cluster computers has created a new business model, cloud-based computing, where businesses and individuals can rent storage and computing capacity, rather than making the large capital investments needed to construct and provision large-scale computer installations. Cloud-based data storage and management is a rapidly expanding business. We design Cloud-based Database System, which is a data management solution built to support the next generation of information management and large-scale analytics processing. This project aims at researching new database system which can handle the next generation big data application and applied various areas, like medicine/healthcare, mobile communications etc.

    TaijiDB is a native cloud-based database system, developed under Renmin University of China. TaijiDB takes HBase and Cassandra as the storage base and combines the Master/Slave structure and P2P structure to support efficient management and query on massive data. This just accords with the meaning of Taiji, so we name our system “TaijiDB”. Here is an overview on the architecture of TaijiDB. [More...]


As a native cloud-based database system,TaijiDB 1.0 has the following features :

  1. Dural-Core:Hadoop/HBase(Master-Slave) + Cassandra(P2P)
  2. Support SQL

In the new version of TaijiDB 2.0 , we add some new features:

  1. Multi-level index : support build multi-level index on one or more non-rowkey columns
  2. Optimize the multi-field query processing
  3. system assistant functions : cluster monitoring + automatic testing

  • X. Zhang, Z. Wang, J. Ai, J. Lu, X. Meng: An Efficient Multi-Dimensional Index for Cloud Data Management. Accepted for publication in the proceedings of the CIKM Workshop on Cloud Data Management(CloudDB2009), November 2, 2009, Hong Kong, China. (full paper)

  • H.Wang, X. Meng, Y.Chai : Efficient Data Distribution Strategy for Join Query Processing in the Cloud.In Proceedings of the CIKM2011 Workshop on Cloud Data Management (CloudDB2011):15-22, October 28, 2011, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

  • Y.Shi, X.Meng, B. Liu: Halt or Continue: Estimating the Progress of Queries in the Cloud.Accepted for publication. In Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA2012):169-184,April 15-18,2012, Busan.South Korea.

The CloudDB Team

Xiaofeng Meng (xfmeng@ruc.edu.cn)
Yunpeng Chai (ypchai@ruc.edu.cn)

Youzhong Ma (ma_youzhong@163.com)
Xiang Ci (cixiang31415926@126.com)
Chunkai Wang (chunkai_wang@163.com)

Xu Han (hanxumelody@sina.com)
Chunqiu Liu (ae.liushuai@gmail.com)
Yu Zhang (zhang_yu_90@126.com)
Yantao Gan  (ganyantao19901018@163.com)
Fengming Wang (wangfengmingqq@163.com)
Hehan Li (li_he_han@126.com)

Undergraduate Student
Wei Zhang (Senior)
Yulei Niu   (Junior)

Graduated Student
Yingjie Shi    (shiyingjie1983@yahoo.com.cn)
Zhongyuan Wang (zhywangchina@163.com)     work:Microsoft Research Asia ( MSRA )
  Jing Zhao   (zmfeiyinggtxy@163.com)
Xiangmei Hu (huxiangmei2004@126.com)
Bingbing Liu (liubingbing@ruc.edu.cn)
Haiping Wang (lulang1022@yahoo.com.cn)
  Long Liu    (lulong3999@gmail.com)

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