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TaijiDB 1.0 : A Cloud Data Management System


    Taiji is a Chinese cosmological term, which means two states can be a relatively uniform. In order to leverage the ad- vantages of cloud storage based on Master/Slave and P2P structure, we propose a project call Taiji, which is a dual- core cloud-based database system. This system can support SQL to manage the Big data.

    The concept design of cloud data management System contains three tiers: data storage tier, query processing and transaction tier, and application tier.


Storage Tier:

    The bottom tier is a Storage Management Tier, which supports these features: Replicate, Parallelism, Fault tolerance, Key partitioning and Synchronization. This tier includes Master Cluster, Data Cluster, Service Management and Data Storage and Retrieval. A master server in Master Cluster that manages the file system namespace and regulates access to files by clients. Data nodes in Data Cluster are responsible for serving read and write requests from file system clients, and they also perform block creation, deletion, and replication upon instruction from the Master. Service Management has the functions, including Provisioning, Deployment and Health Monitoring. Data Storage and Retrieval Module provides data storage organized as ordered or hash tables.

Query Processing and Transaction Tier:

    The Query Processing and Transaction Tier is RDBMS-like tier. In this tier, we will discuss how to manage massive data with high availability, fault tolerance and relaxed consistency guarantees. This tier includes Buffer Pool, Transactions Support, Query Optimization and Data & Schema API.

Application Tier:

    The top tier is Front-end Application Tier. In this tier, we will design a SQL-like language to support complex data management. With this query language and data & schema API, a variety of web applications can be supported by our system. In addition, we will also provide parallel data analysis in this tier.


New Version of TaijiDB

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